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Domingos Augusto Macucule

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Domingos A. Macucule is a Mozambican certificated architect, urban and regional planner who has ten years of experience in research, consultancy, and advocacy in the field of sustainable urban development, urban planes and cultural heritage. In the last six years, he has focused his works on urban governance, integrating climate change resilience into spatial planning and urban design.  His experience includes research development of climate change, improvement of informal settlements, adaptation planning, and urban mobility. Prior to his doctorate, he also worked as architect in the Department of Urbanization and Building at the Maputo City Municipal Council after he worked in Cultural Heritage at the National Direction. Currently, Domingos’ research activity includes, energy access, governance of urban services provision and infrastructure, migration and sustainability.

Domingos Macucule earned his DPhil (Ph.D.) in Geography and Territorial Planning from The University Nova de Lisboa in Portugal in April, 2016. Domingos works as Senior Lecturer at the Faculty of Architecture and Physical Planning at the University Eduardo Mondlane teaching and undertaking research in the Laboratory of Physical Planning, Urban Ecology and Urban Mobility. Domingos is also affiliated as a Senior Planner and Head of the Centre of Studies and Development of Habitat in Mozambique.

In 2013 Domingos was member of the team of the project recognized as “Lighthouse Activity for Climate Change” by United Nation Framework Convention on Climate Change. In 2014, Domingos was awarded Fellows Sustainable Urbanisation II, and attended the seminar in Taiwan.

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